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Ciao! JOURNAL No.12

My article was published in the Japanese newspaper, Ciao! JOURNAL No. 12

I made my first trip to Italy to visit the “Salone del
mobile ”in Milan. It was 2011.
At the time I was intrigued by the fact that the major high-level designs all came from Italy.
For this reason I started to research the culture of
Bel Paese and finally I decided to move to Italy.
Normally the image of
“High quality brand” but it is also true that fast fashion is
always the most widespread among young people. Because there is no level
intermediate between these two realities? This reflection is originally
about my job.

Among the projects I deal with is the aizome workshop, la indigo color. In my garden in Milan I grow ford to be used for coloring. During the workshop we dye handkerchiefs, scarves, clothes and jackets, but the thing I care most about is the importance of the process that begins with the cultivation of the ford: sowing, harvesting, dyeing the fabric and finally processing the clothes; everything is done with your own hands. The work is long but the expense is zero if we exclude the cost of the fabric (the ideal is to produce the fabric yourself). You simply need to spend your time. Once man created all the objects necessary for daily life in this way.

This monozukuri (making things) is certainly primitive but at the same time futuristic: the idea of ​​”creating the things you need with your own hands” allows you to fill the void between high quality brands and fast fashion. The aizome is part of Japanese craftsmanship, but it is disappearing along with other traditions, suffocated by low-priced serial products. However, I believe that if society considered traditional culture as a necessity, then it would have a good way to survive.

In the hope that monozukuri will return to a future, I wish to develop my business in Italy, a country of fashion, more than in any other European country.


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