Valley of the Wind

Following the instruction for the “Valley of the Wind” , we propose one part of textile production using local material and sensing technology.
We also need to combine various technologies that we already have now. 
For example, Digital Fabrication, 3D printing, Smart farming, Digital currency etc..
And also using renewable energy together with Off grid energy systems, we can realize Zero marginal cost society. One day when we reach this stage, we will be able to create most things without using fossil energy and zero marginal costs.

This is the matrix that we immagine for the “Valley of the Wind” project.

The clothing, food and housing are the most important things for our fundamental life.
“The Valley of the Wind” needs each of them and it will be connected together to support our life.
We will propose a part of the clothing and textile production using local material like a natural fiber and color for dye.

Having lost inhabitants, there are many empty houses in this village, so we can renovate and reutilize them using production systems such as digital fabrication.
Most of them are provided as open sauce.
For housing production, local materials must be used, wood , soil ,bamboo etc..  and also waste materials could be used. (Urban mining)

Sensing and robotics technology help us with our labor, so we will not need to dedicate our whole life to agriculture. Time that we gain, we can spend time for other thing.
Using food waste from our home or restaurant, we can produce rip compost. By doing so, our waste becomes fertilizer for vegetables. It is a completely circulate system.  

Local materials must be to use, such as banana fiber, wool, cotton, silk etc… But this method has limitations for mass production, so it would be locally produced for local consumption.
Using existing fabrics to make our garment is another choice. Fabrics and garments are extremely produced since now, we will reuse these fabrics repairing or customizing by ourself.
The more you customize, the more you add value on your garments.

We have several proposals in the field of “Clothing”

The repair economy is one of them.
It is an economic system in which clothes are repaired or re-dyed and kept in use.
These clothes can sometimes be used for generations. The repairing of the garments over generations makes it even more unique and transforms it into a kind of work of art.
In this way, it is possible to add value.

The sensor-controlled indigo container ‘Mr Pod’ is our answer to the repair economy.