Re-dye service

Dyeing your favorite clothes.
We propose a long life cycle for your clothes using natural indigo dyeing techniques. If you have any clothes which are sleeping in your closet, bring them to us! 

Every month we collect your clothes and dye them with natural blue indigo. So that your clothes will get new value with a new life. The more you dye, the deeper the blu you obtain. This way your garments get a second chance. 

From this moment your clothes get into the loop of the circular economy and can start their new life!
Also we can accept clothes which have some spot or stain, don’t throw it away! 

Request from us

  • We have only one color, indigo blue, so the result of the clothes is affected by the under-color of the fabric. For example, navy jeans already have dark blue so the result might be not recognized. Bring light tone fabric!
  • Being natural pigment, it could fade out the tone of the fabric after many times of washing.
  • We apply QR code on your fabric and upload their photo of the products on our website in order to check their condition and status. In this way, you can see how many times it has been dyed or repaired.


YES : Cotton, linen, silk, viscose 
NO   : Leather, nilon, polyester, other synthetic fiber
※Waterproof coating not accepted
Preferably required to recognize the material.

Our indigo, Persicaria Tinctoria, that is one of the indigo plants which grows in Asia, especially in Japan, has medium intensity of indigo blue compare to Indian indigo (Indigofera Tinctoria) and Europian indigo (Isatis Tinctoria). 
To dye the fabric we usually dip 2 or 3 times. In this reason, the result of the blue will never reaches dark blue, like No.5,6, it must be a lighter tone, like No.3,4.
※If you need dark blue, it will be required extra charge. 


The polyester thread doesn’t get the color.

According to the characteristics of indigo, a collar part can fade out after many times of use.