Our activity

Our indigo garden

We have collaborators in Milan and Amsterdam who cultivate our indigo plants. We begin harvesting the indigo leaves for pigment extraction from July to September, when the leaves reach their maximum pigmentation. We strive to utilize these pigments extensively in our workshops. Our overarching goal is to expand our indigo fields across Europe and establish a sustainable system in collaboration with our partners.

Our workshops

We propose two distinct Japanese dyeing techniques: Shibori, the traditional Japanese tie-dye method, and Kata, which involves stencils and rice paste to create figurative designs on fabric. In both workshops, we will utilize our natural indigo for coloring. The duration of each workshop is approximately 3-4 hours.

Re-dye survice

Every month, we collect your clothes and dye them using natural blue indigo, giving your garments a fresh lease of life. The more you dye, the deeper the blue hue you achieve, granting your clothes a second chance. From this point onward, your garments enter the cycle of the circular economy and embark on their new journey!