“Valley of the Wind” project

“Valley of the Wind” project

“Valley of the Wind ” is a movement to create an “alternative to the urban-intensive future” by making good use of technology. Japanese scientist Kazuto Asaka leads this project.

Have you ever seen “Nausicaä of the valley of the wind” which is directed by Hayao Miyazaki.
The name of this project “Valley of the Wind” was taken from his Film. 

This idea is that we try to create “Valley of the Wind” in our real world.

Mr. Ataka points out the following

In Japan, the number of uninhabited settlements has been increasing in recent years, and long-established settlements are being abandoned.
Over the past century, the population of every country in the world has exploded, yet the number of such settlements around the world, including Europe, the United States, and Australia, is increasing.
This means that people from all over the world are moving toward cities.
Is this a good thing?
We seem to be heading toward a future where people can only live in cities and all suburbs will be abandoned, just like in the movie Blade Runner.
Have we worked hard for such a future? Is this the future we should leave to the next generation?
Today, technologies such as AI that make possible things that were previously impossible are rapidly advancing.
These technologies should be used to improve human activities.
Can we consider using these technologies to help mankind live in harmony with nature and in abundance?
Yes! The Valley of the Wind!

The Valley of the Winds is one of the idealistic settlements that appear in “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Winds,” one of the first films created by Hayao Miyazaki.

The story of Nausicaä.

Here is the concept of “Valley of the Wind”

If humans use more technological power, we can create spaces where we can live richly and humanely with nature. With the development of economy and technology, we have succeeded in creating a functional society, but we are now living in a society that is out of touch with nature, and we are losing our human way of life. This is not only a problem for the well-being of those of us living today. It is also a challenge to create a better future for next generations. The Valley of the Wind project is an action project to realize a rich and humane life together with nature, by using the power of technology to its fullest.

What kind of place is “Valley of the Wind”?

・It must be a good place before it can be a good community. However, we welcome the creation of a good community as a result.

・ It is a place where humans can coexist with nature. However, we will use the latest technology to achieve this.

・It is a beautiful place that makes the best use of local materials. However, the beauty is completely different from place to place.

・The sound of water, the sound of birds, the breath of the forest…a place where one can feel nature with all five senses. However, a desert is also acceptable.

・No tall buildings or highways in sight. Nature takes center stage. However, this world cannot be created without the use of man-made structures.

How to create the “Valley of the Wind”

・It is not something that can be achieved by lobbying the state or local government. However, we do not deny the use of administrative power.

・The Valley of the Winds will be created through the collective efforts of those who share the same vision of the Valley of the Winds. However, it is okay for people to have different values other than sympathy for the “Valley of the Wind.

・Rather than rebuilding an existing village, it will be created from scratch using an abandoned village. However, it does not have to be a completely abandoned village.

・There is no set answer to “Valley of the Winds. It is something to be created as you go along. To achieve this, we will not give up, even when we reach a dead end. However, we must not overdo it.

・Creating one Valley of the Winds may lead to the creation of 1,000 other Valleys of the Winds around the world. (However, no two “valleys of the wind” are the same.

The spirit that “Valley of the Wind” cherishes

・The values of living a rich and humane life in harmony with nature. However, “humanity” varies from person to person.

・Respect for diversity, not dogmatism. However, there are things that must be united.

・Attractiveness as a community. However, both people who want to interact with others and people who want to spend time alone coexist.

・It must question existing values. However, it is not a hippie culture that turns its back on modern society. Nor do we want to expand LOHAS.

・No vested interests or past customs should prevail. However, we respect the existence of the accumulated past and history.

・The Valley of the Wind is not a tourist attraction. However, it does not refuse visitors.
・The Valley of the Wind is a space where you can feel the flow of the wind and the richness of smells and colors with all five senses. However, it does not have to be a valley.

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