Our indigo garden

We start to plant an indigo plant in February in a greenhouse and transplant it into soil after sprouting.  
Japanese indigo / Persicaria, it can also be grown hydroponic.

Indigo plants prefer half sun half shadow. So I recommend planting them in the place where they get the sunlight not all day. Especially in the summer season it needs water two times a day.
When the color of the leaf becomes dark green, it is time to harvest. It could be around in June or July. We start to harvest indigo leaves from June till September.

To harvest, it needs to leave its stem 5-10 cm from the ground so that it grows up again. In this way you can harvest 3 or 4 times in the same season.

Harvested indigo leaves will be applied for the extraction process to produce pigment.  More info

Also we are trying to produce indigo fermentation leaves that are kind of indigo compost.  More Info

Around October it starts to bloom, so after one month it is ready to pick it up.
Conserve it for next year.
After blooming it has not adapted for dyeing.