Indigo powder extraction

Indigo powder extraction

The precipitation method is a way to extract pigments from indigo plants. The advantage of this method is that a very intense color can be extracted and the processing takes 2 or 3 days.
  The color is released through fermentation in water.


  • Indigo leaves 1kg
  • Hot water 30-40℃ 10L
  • Bucket for 15L
  • Slaked lime 10-15g
  • PH Meter


1.Collect the Indigo leaves 1kg

2.Pour 30-40 ° c hot water and leave for 3 days (72 hours) in summer,
4 days in autumn.

3. After 72 hours, when the leaves turn brown, remove the leaves.

4. The water turns bright green.

5. Add the slaked lime and measure the PH and mix well.
Must be around PH11 ..

5. Blend the color for about an hour. The foam reaches the blue color.
  Continue to blend until the foam has run out.

6. Leave to rest overnight, and remove
  the upper water. And filter the color.

6. The indigo color will be ready.

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