THAYAHT Jumpsuit “TuTa”

THAYAHT Jumpsuit “TuTa”

THAYAHT Jumpsuit “TuTa”

Photo from Wikipidia

Thayaht was the pseudonym of artist and designer Ernesto Michahelles (1893–1959) best known for his revolutionary design of the TuTa and his involvement with the Italian Futurist movement. With a mixture of British, German, Swiss and American origins, Thayaht was born in Florence, Italy, and was related to American artist Hiram Powers. He studied painting at the Académie Ranson in Paris, as well as scientific dyes and dynamic structure at Harvard University.

In 1920, together with his brother RAM, he designed and launched the Tuta, a universal suit for everyone, through the newspaper “La Nazione”.

Italian journal “La Nazione” in 1919

Due to its linear structure, this workwear doesn’t require a paper pattern, which is typically necessary for clothing production. It can be created from a single piece of fabric (measuring W140 x H220cm) to minimize scrap wastage, and it’s straightforward to make, allowing anyone to create their own work suit.

Thayaht proposed the ‘TuTa’ as a practical everyday garment, but it became a trend among high society in Florence instead.

In many ways, it can be considered an open-source prototype conceived 100 years ago.

We will share his design instructions for creating the THAYAHT jumpsuit.
The Tuta comes in a universal size, so you may need to adjust it to fit your body size if necessary

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