Fresh Indigo leaves

Fresh Indigo leaves

With this plant it is easy to make natural colors and it is not necessary to use chemicals. Simply by dipping the fabric in color, you reach a shade of blue “summer sky”. The color is fixed by coming into contact with oxygen.


  • Fresh indigo leaves 30g
  • Water 1-2L
  • Mesh bag
  • Bowl
  • Silk fabric 30-70g (NON cotone)


1.Prepare 30g of indigo leaves and 1L of water. The dose of the leaves depends on the amount of water and fabric.

2.Blend the leaves by placing a glass of water.

3.Strain the leaves by putting in the bag and squeeze it so that the colors come out well.

4.Dip the wet and wrung out fabric and let it rest for about 20 min.

5.After 20 minutes, remove and squeeze it well and then allow it to air dry for 5 min.

6.After a rinse, remove the tools and rinse again with the soap.

Hammered leaves

1.TATAKI: Another way to dye, by knocking the indigo leaves with the hammer directly on the fabric.

2.An indigo leaf-shaped “print” effect will be obtained.

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