Indigo dye with fructose vat

Indigo dye with fructose vat

With the indigo powder dyeing methods it is easy to make dyes by adding fructose or glucose. This process reduces oxygenation and is necessary to have a more intense color. Simply by dipping the fabric in the color, you can reach blue shades, resistant to subsequent washin


  • Tenugui fabric 100x35cm 100% cotton
  • Instructions
  • Indigo powder 8g
  • Slaked lime 16g
  • Fructose 24g
      (8: 16: 24 = 1: 2: 3)
  • The tools for Shibori

Tools to prepare

  • Steel bowl
  • 5L pot
  • Stick or ladle
  • Thermometer

Preparation of color

1. Before working, immerse the worked fabric in water for 15-20 min. Prepare a bowl and put the indigo sachet with 100 ml of hot water. Mix it well so that the powders dissolve well.

2. Put 4 L of water in the pot and allow to heat up to 60 ° c. Turn off the heat and pour the bowl of indigo, add a bag of slaked lime and mix well.

3. Add the fructose sachet and mix approximately 10 min continuously until a bright foam forms. After 10 min, wait 20-30 min so the oxygen reduction proceeds.

4. Dip the well wrung out fabric and wait about 5 min. While we wait to massage the fabric let the color in. After 5 min, squeeze it well and rinse it immediately with running water so that the foam is removed. Put it back in color and continue doing the process a few times until your favorite shade comes.

Light blue> 2-3 times / Blue> 4-5 times / Dark> 6-7 times

5. Rinse with running water and soap. Spread it out in the sun. It is better to rinse it by hand for the first 2-3 washes. After this it can be safely washed with laundry.

Advanced color is reusable.

Just heat the color up to 60 ° c and add 2 teaspoons of slaked lime and fructose.

To keep the color put it in a cool room like a cellar. It lasts a couple of weeks, if you want to keep it in the long term, put it in a tank (vacuum is better). Thus, the color does not oxidize.

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